Press Release re: Linda Chamberlain’s diagnosis


For Immediate Release 

Toronto, ON (June 1, 2015) – We would like to publicly address the statements referenced in Toronto Star articles spanning 2011-2014 referring to a Dream Team member’s medical prognosis. It was reported that Dream Team co-founder, Linda Chamberlain was terminally ill and this information has since been found to be untrue.

The statements that were made were not done with any malicious intent to lie or defame the integrity of the Dream Team. The error was the unfortunate result of the member’s own perceived belief that she suffered from an illness due to experiencing similar symptoms.

It is with heartfelt remorse that we acknowledge the false information that the public has received and would like to express our regret for the misinformation that has been reported over this period of time.

As a passionate group of psychiatric consumer survivors, we continue to educate, advocate and build awareness on mental health issues and the rights of people who are marginalized due to lived experiences with such issues. We work diligently to extend our outreach efforts to the general public, universities/colleges, service providers, front line workers and government to ensure we play a pivotal role in making the city more inclusive through supportive housing.

We appreciate the substantial contributions Linda has made to the Dream Team over the years and continue to value and support her advocacy work.

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For more information, please contact

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Marketing and Communications Coordinator

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