Guest Blogger Mika Hjorngaard

mika dream team foto july2015Starting August 2015, The Dream Team will feature guest blogger Mika Hjorngaard.   We'll let her introduce herself in her own words:


I am a high school student with a passion for writing and social justice.   I have particular interest about underrepresented minorities, including the LGBTQ community and those identifying as having a disability or difference.   I have previously chaired LGBTQ youth events and I have written and performed about my experiences as a youth with a physical disability.   I have also taken part in a project that aimed to capture the lives of seven teenage girls in the Toronto area through film and writing.   The high school I am currently attending has an alternative take on education and how kids and teenagers learn.   In this environment students are encouraged to follow their own path and explore what education means to them.   Because of the freedom this allows, I have had the opportunity to discover my desire to tell my stories and the stories of others, through writing and performace.   I am really excited to get the chance to be a part of telling people's stories.