Meet the Stigma Fighters


Last time we introduced you to one of our newest Dream Team members.   This week we introduce you to one of the members who has been with us from almost the beginning, Phillip Dufresne.

Phillip used to live on the street. He has lived in supportive housing for the past 23 years. After graduating with a B.A. in Anthropology from Concordia University, he moved to Toronto to look for work.  The only jobs that he could find were minimum wage, unskilled labour.

Phillip was evicted from his apartment in 1989, lived on the streets for 1 year and then got a room in a substandard rooming house for 2 years.  After this experience, his COTA worker got him supportive housing with Houselink Community Homes.  That’s when his life began to turn around.   Houselink gave him an opportunity to develop skills he never had a chance to use before. This led to his work on the Houselink Board, the Dream Team, HomeComing Community Choice Coalition and the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association (ONPHA) Board. Phillip discovered that although he didn’t fit into mainstream jobs very well, he had a passion for volunteer work.