Dennis Morency

It is with great sadness that we report that beloved Dream Team member, Dennis Morency has passed on.  During his life, Dennis was part of a provincial steering committee to start a patient council at CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health).  He had been on the board at Mainstay Housing, as well as on an advisory committee of a mental health clinic.  His interests are classical, medieval and renaissance music, fine art, church and all the beautiful people.  His family, friends and G-d are also important facets of his life.  When Dennis was very young, he studied viola with Termano Florio at Upper CanadaCollege.  He also went on several canoe trips.   He was an important member on the Dream Team for nearly 10 years, and he will be sorely missed.  Dennis always hoped that everyone can get a home like his.

Here are some quotations from the Dream Team expressing what he meant to us.

“Dennis was very positive.  Dennis was a light.  He had an inner sense about him”  (Esther Mwangi).

“Dennis was a loving, caring person and always had a smile on his face.  His deep religious beliefs helped him to keep a positive attitude.  He knew more about the history of France than anyone I knew.  Dennis will be greatly missed by everyone on the Dream Team” (Phillip Dufresne).

“Dennis was a wonderful, cheerful and very spiritual man.  He always made everyone around him feel great” (Cathy Dziak).

“Dennis was a happy person, and had a delightful sense of humor.  He was also a deeply spiritual person.  We will remember him saying “”God Bless You” in a cheerful sort of way.  He was a very thoughtful and kind person.  For these reasons he will always be remembered” (Margaret Redford).

“Dennis was a wonderful warm hearted person, selflessly contributing to our community & beyond.  Always with a smile & a passion for helping others.  He’s left us with memories as an invaluable member of the Dream Team.  We’ll miss you, Dennis” (Mark Shapiro).

“Dennis you were an amazing person and will be missed” (Carmen Charles).

“It was good to know you as a Dream Team member.  You were a bright spirit, enthusiastic and encouraging member.  We will miss you always.  Rest in peace”  (Hugh Cameron).

“Dennis, we will always miss your wonderful, infectious smile and heartwarming spirit.  (Leslie Miller).

“Dennis you were so full of energy and always had a big smile on your face.  A great friend”  (Christine Treboute).

“Dennis was a joyful and caring person.  He will be missed by many” (Bronwen Sims).

“Hopefully we will meet again” (Richard Botcher).

“I am sure Dennis is in Heaven now and we can all pray to him to protect us.  Missing Dennis with fond memories” (Dawn D’Cruz).

Dennis, I hope you are enjoying your heavenly abode” (Ken Mcleod).

“Dennis Morency-a great spirit, a gentle soul and a lovely smile.  As a fellow passenger on the journey of recovery, I really admired his resilience and drive to live his life.   He is missed…” (Joanna Pawelkiewicz).

“In the short time that I knew Dennis, I had the opportunity to share with him our common values and I think of him as an incredibly strong person” (Tobi McEvanue).