Dream Team Fundraising Dinner 2013

The Dream Team Dinner, 2013 On the evening of May  22nd, 2013 it was great to see so many familiar faces come out to celebrate with their fellow friends from The Dream Team.  The St. Lawrence Hall was packed with approximately 150 people in attendance.  The night was fabulous and there was so much positive energy in the hall.   Here are some pictures from our annual dinner.  It was a big success for us.  See if you can name some of the celebrities. IMG_9191 The purpose of the dinner was to raise awareness about the struggles that people with mental health and addiction issues face,especially in regards to finding affordable and supportive housing.  We believe there is a need to create more affordable housing in Ontario. IMG_9277 Our keynote Speaker was the Honorable Deb Mathews, Minister of Health and Long Term Care.  She fully supports our cause. IMG_9565 Linda Chamberlain had several colorful costume changes, she wowed and entertained us with her wonderful MC’ing.  Linda also launched her book and autobiography called, “Not Anytime Soon”.  She sold several copies of her book. IMG_9534 Becky McFarlane, long-time social justice advocate, gave a speech after winning the Eliana Romano Award. IMG_9444 New members of The Dream Team: Bronwen Sims, Dean Spence, Michael Phillips and Veronica Snooks, gave their personal stories in the forms of speeches.  A quote that stood out in my mind was Veronica saying,“Love is not only for the lucky and the strong, it is for everyone.”  An excerpt from Bronwen’s speech is “housing is a human right not a privilege” IMG_9503 Raging Spoon did the catering and they used popular chef, Rose Reisman’s recipes. IMG_9322 Everyone really loved the food.  We are all looking forward to the next annual Dream Team Dinner.