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Meet the Stigma Fighters

The Stigma Fighters are back!   This week it is the Stigma Fighter with the biggest heart and the one who delivers the most laughs–Aldo Cianfarani!   Aldo was born in Italy and came to Canada when he was two years old. Presently, he’s the caretaker of three houses in Parkdale and two properties in Brampton. Aldo has volunteered with St. Christopher House’s community kitchen for over ten years. He has also been on the Brighter Days committee affiliated with Habitat Services for ten years. Aldo has been a Dream Team member for nine years. He likes camping, bike-riding, and going to movies. For over 35 years, he has also been a freelance disk jockey and is a pro at being the MC for weddings, banquets, baptisms, engagements, disco dances and house parties. His biggest memory is when he did a book launch for Houselink at the Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre. To this day, Aldo MCs for Habitat Services and COTA at every dance they have. Aldo is very proud of being a member of Houselink Community Homes and the Dream Team.

Some Useful Information from our Inclusive Employment Taskforce

Dealing with Mental Illness in the Workforce
Duty to accommodateDisability_symbols_16
With the exception of certain safety-sensitive industries (airlines being one of them), Canadian employers cannot discipline, dismiss or otherwise discriminate against employees with illnesses or disabilities, whether overt or perceived, and they must attempt to accommodate them instead. Workplace accommodation refers to the legal obligation to discuss and attempt to find an acceptable and practical solution for an employee with medical restrictions in order to permit him or her to continue to perform the essential conditions of the job.

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Bridging the Consumer-Doctor Gap: Dream Team Collaborates with the U of T Medical School

As consumer surviviors, we end up having a lot of contact with medical professionals.  They see us at our most vulnerable and can have a huge impact on our lives. Because of this, the Dream Team decided to reach more nursing, EMS and medical students with our speakers’ bureau program. We really value being able to share our experiences with these ‘baby docs’ (as they are known amongst our community) and believe that greater awareness about issues such as poverty or stigma is a vital part of their education.

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Mental Health Talk Opening Up

By Jen Traplin

metroAfter years of working to decrease stigma, it seems we may finally be making some headway when it comes to opening up the discussion on mental health.

“I think there’s been something of a sea change in Canada and internationally over the last few years, in terms of the conversation that we have around mental health,” said Dr. Erin Michalek, associate professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of British Columbia.

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