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IMG_0405   Over the course of a year, the Dream Team research working group put a plan in motion to create a supportive housing, tenants’ bill of rights.   By interviewing supportive housing tenants, we planned to get their insight into the sector to help us construct this bill of rights.   The goals we set for ourselves and the bill of rights included producing a document that would help tenants hang onto their housing and learn how to advocate for themselves.   We also envisioned that the bill of rights would eventually be used to determine what constitutes quality supportive housing.

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Inclusive Employment Focus Group

Focus group posterc/o HOUSELINK 1678 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON – Phone: (416)516-1422 ext 262 E-mail: • Website:

June 4th, 2015

Dear Human Resources representatives, or hiring managers,

Re: Recruiting for focus group about employer perspectives on hiring and working with people with mental illness

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I Have a Right to Access Supports and Services

By Margaret Redford and J.D. Spence

keysIt’s been a while since we featured one of our “bill of rights for tenants in supportive housing” blogs.   You might have thought that we were done with those blogs, but this is actually only the ninth of ten planned blogs on the subject!

According to the data from our research, our respondents argue that they have a right to “access supports and services.”    Seventy-five percent of our respondents claimed they were receiving enough support.

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I Was a Walking DSM Entry

156376049By Anonymous…

I have a mental illness.

When I was acutely ill, I was a walking DSM entry.   All those other things that made up who I am receded, and my mental illness was on full display.   I was paranoid.   I had strange ideas.   I had strange bodily sensations.   People didn’t know what was going on with me, but they knew I wasn’t well.

Now that I’m in remission, all of the different aspects that go into making me me are in balance.   I’m a Christian.   I’m educated.   I’m a sibling.   Politically, I’m a liberal.   I’m heterosexual.    And I’m so much more, including a psychiatric consumer/survivor.

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Some Useful Information from our Inclusive Employment Taskforce

Dealing with Mental Illness in the Workforce
Duty to accommodateDisability_symbols_16
With the exception of certain safety-sensitive industries (airlines being one of them), Canadian employers cannot discipline, dismiss or otherwise discriminate against employees with illnesses or disabilities, whether overt or perceived, and they must attempt to accommodate them instead. Workplace accommodation refers to the legal obligation to discuss and attempt to find an acceptable and practical solution for an employee with medical restrictions in order to permit him or her to continue to perform the essential conditions of the job.

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