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The Dream Team began as a group of consumer survivors and family members dedicated to demonstrating the life-altering benefits of supportive housing for people living with mental illness, while reducing mental health stigma. Today, the Dream Team is a consumer survivor group comprised of 22 members, and they operate out of their sponsoring agency, Houselink Community Homes.

We’d love to invite you join us as a guest blogger or as a regular columnist. What can blogging on the Dream Team can do for you?

  • Grow your online reputation as an expert in supportive housing, mental health, economic justice and inclusion for consumers, fighting stigma and promoter of Human Rights. 
  • Attract the attention of game changers and influencers who can support your cause
  • Interact with a wide variety of professionals in the field as well as organizations with similar vision and mission.
  • Benefit from formal and informal mentoring from your peers and industry leaders
  • Gain valuable insights on blogging best practices – yes we’ll guide you while you’re blogging!

Contributors, collaborators & thought leaders wanted

Like any publication, we have a few guidelines we ask you to follow – they make our job easier and help us publish your work faster.

Firstly, we need to know what you want to write about – it’s all about the pitch. If you want to write a column, give us your BIG idea in a couple of sentences as well as a few headlines (story ideas). If you want to write a post, let us know so we can advise you if it is in fact something that we can use on our site.

If you’re just starting to blog, use these tips to help bulk up that courage to write your first post. You can do it!

  1. Write with passion – and be significant. We want your opinion, not just the facts.
  2. Hone in on your niche and stick to it. Learn as much as you can and be the subject matter expert. And don’t be afraid to ask your readers for help. You’re growing a community, remember?
  3. Learn to explore a topic fully and adhere to minimum word counts (300 to make Google happy).
  4. Add videos and pictures to your posts – and label them with keywords so Google can understand them too.
  5. Write consistently. As the Dream Team community gets to know you, they’ll want regular posts from you.
  6. Your posts should be approximately 400 words and you  can write in any style you are comfortable in, all we ask is be mindful of length, how the writing looks on the page, and clarity. We suggest you break up the post if you feel comfortable doing so.
  7. All content must be original – we will not publish articles that have been previously published online.
  8. Content must be written from personal and/or professionals experience and should not be submitted by SEO companies containing “links” that you are being paid to promote. We only publish directly from sector professionals who identify themselves as experts in the subject matter either through personal experience or gained in an educational institution relevant to The Dream Team’s Mission and Vision.  The sole purpose for submitting is to educate and inspire and not sell services. We also do not allow postings via  third parties (ie SEO & PR companies hired to get free content written for clients) under any circumstances.
  9. Content must fit within our mission and vision – please review before submitting  any article. Do not email any entries – we only review entries submitted using your log in information given to you after you have been approved as a guest blogger.
  10. To submit an article you must already be an approved blogging member by the Social Media team.  

Got more questions and you want answered fast? Catch up with us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and let’s talk!

Please note we only publish content which supports our mission and vision. We appreciate all content requests but can’t always guarantee publishing of your submission.