Members of the Dream Team have received numerous awards and recognition.

Political Advocacy

Dream Team members filed a Human Rights complaint on Jan. 31st, 2008 against a politician. This politician had written a letter to the Committee of Adjustment indicating his opposition to a supportive housing agency’s attempt to acquire housing in his riding, and in his letter he made numerous derogatory comments about people with mental illness. The case was heard June 12, 2008 with results in the Dream Team members’ favour.

In partnership with ONPHA, the Dream Team produced and distributed a DVD to candidates running in the 2007 provincial election; the DVD urged politicians to put affordable and supportive housing on the government agenda.

The Dream Team acquired intervener status to help St. Jude Community Homes win its case at the Ontario Municipal Board hearing. At this hearing, neighbours were appealing the City of Toronto’s permission to renovate a former dairy into supportive housing for 29 homeless people.

The Dream Team organized and promoted two postcard campaigns to “increase the supply of affordable and supportive housing across Ontario so that people facing mental illness can rebuild their lives and contribute to society.”

The Dream Team collected 2000 signatures in the first campaign and 4,000 in the second campaign; presented to the Liberal and the NDP caucuses; and were emphatically supported by George Smitherman and Marilyn Churley.

The Dream Team inspired David Miller to declare February 27 “Supporting Housing Day.”

Nine days after the second press conference at Queen’s Park, the three levels of government announced the Affordable Housing Agreement, which identified supportive housing as one of the two specific target groups to receive more funding.


Research and writing

The Dream Team produced and conducted research for We Are Neighbours: The Impact of Supportive Housing on Community, Social Economic and Attitude Changes (Report prepared by Alice de Wolff; May, 2008). The report was released in June 2008 at a press launch at Toronto City Hall.


The Dream Team produced the following submissions:

Mental Health Discrimination and Police Records: The Dream Team’s Submission to the Human Rights Commission (March, 19, 2008).

Our Vision for Supportive Housing: The Dream Team’s Submission to the City of Toronto in Response to its Proposed Affordable Housing Strategy, Housing Opportunities Toronto (June 20, 2008).

The Experiences of the Dream Team: A submission to the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s consultation on Human Rights and Rental Housing (August 29, 2007).


Awards and Recognitions

Members of the Dream Team have received numerous awards and recognitions, including

The Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association’s Tenant Achievement Award

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation ‘Courage to Come Back’ Award

The Community Teaching Award from the University of Toronto,

University of Toronto recognition for Outstanding Contributions to Community Research on Supportive Housing.